Birthday Cake

It’s my brother’s birthday today.  He wanted a genois cake with buttercream frosting so I’ve spent my few days home before I return to school making the cake.  The frosting turned out very well.  We’re a family that loves buttercream and have make Martha Steward’s recipe many many times.  This time we decided we’d try Julia Child’s version.  And I decided I’d play around with cake decorating.

Starting with the cake: Genois cakes are supposed to be very light, almost a yellow sponge.  I’ve made this cake a number of times, and messed it up almost as many times.  This cake was unfortunately one of those times.  The top layer I beat the eggs too long and they became too stiff.  It made the cake very hard compared to the soft and fluffy texture I was going for.  Mom teasted me it was like a disk we could throw around.  The second layer I think I didn’t beat the eggs long enough… but I certainly didn’t cook it long enough.  Some of the batter congealed during cooling, leave a distinct horizontal line in the cake when I cooked it.  The cake above this line was quite perfect, but that’s all I can say for the cake.

The frosting on the other hand was quite delicious.  It called for much less butter than we’ve every used, leaving most of the volume to the Italian meringue.  I made it the day before, and it needed a bit of beating to smooth it out before I put it on the cake.  I colored it green and then started playing with all my icing tips.  I made my first frosting roses, which came out quite pretty in photo.  If you look closely you can see how ruff they are around the edges.  I think the frosting was a bit soft.  I look forward to trying again.

All recipes came from “The Way to Cook” by Julia Child.  I’ll post them here soon.

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  1. What a lovely cake!

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