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I’ve been thinking about starting a blog because I miss writing. The reason I finally got around to it… there are two actually:

1) I found this new amazing site my roommates and I call Food Porn which has pictures of delicious food with links to recipes. As a lover of food in many ways, I melt at the site of these beautiful dishes. I wanted to post my own favorite recipes and new creations to the site. Many of the users linked their photos to a food blog, so it seemed necessary to start a blog of my own.

2) I’m studying for med school finals and took a procrastination break to peruse the above site and noticed many users posted their recipes on this blog server. So, in the mood to procrastinate a little more, I signed up.

Now, after a few hours of less-than-productive work, I’m taking another study break for my first blog.

I miss writing because I haven’t had time since the creative non-fiction class I took at Brown University senior year. I take that back. I haven’t written since I finished my applications to medical school, but that hardly counts. I can say that after a summer spent writing and rewriting about my hobbies, my aspirations as a future doctor, and what I can add to the (insert Medical School here) community, I became pretty efficient at pounding out a few paragraphs to promote myself.  No more of that until I apply to residency.

Over the past year I’ve longed for a media to muddle through my thoughts when medical school has been getting me down or express a new epiphany about the field as I learn what it’s like to be a doctor.  This blog is to reflect on my years in medical school and tell some stories about the experience, including anatomy lab jokes, disorganized course directors, and the wonderful advice from a professor to help us pull our heads out of our books every now and then.

This blog is also to write about the food adventures I plan to take this summer when I’m back at a 9-5 job with evenings as free as can be!  Photos and recipes included.

And this blog is to write about Swing: dancing, teaching, and DJing, because that’s where my sanity lies in my busy and stressful medical school life.

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